Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 31-Jul-2020)

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Details on Acronym:   [GBW99]
   [GBW99] (Galama+Briggs+Wijers+, 1999) Write:<<[GBW99] N>> N: 8 Object:*  (SIMBAD class: Star) Note:Table 3: N=8 comparison stars in the field of GRB 990323. Ref:=1999Natur.398..394G byGALAMA T.J. , BRIGGS M.S., WIJERS R.A.M., VREESWIJK P.M., ROL E., BAND D., VAN PARADIJS J., KOUVELIOTOU C., PREECE R.D., BREMER M., SMITH I.A., TILANUS R.P.J., DE BRUYN A.G., STROM R.G., POOLEY G., CASTRO-TIRADO A.J., TANVIR N., ROBINSON C., HURLEY K., HEISE J., TELTING J., RUTTEN R.G.M., PACKHAM C., SWATERS R., DAVIES J.K., FASSIA A., GREEN S.F., FOSTER M.J., SAGAR R., PANDEY A.K., NILAKSHI, YADAV R.K.S., OFEK E.O., LEIBOWITZ E., IBBETSON P., RHOADS J., FALCO E., PETRY C., IMPEY C., GEBALLE T.R., BHATTACHARYA D. Nature, 398, 394-399 (1999) The effect of magnetic fields on γ-ray bursts inferred from multi-wavelength observations of the burst of 23 January 1999. oTable 3: <[GBW99] N> (Nos 1-8). Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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