Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 mp + YSO +(Rad)  (SIMBAD class: Unknown = Object of unknown nature)
  Note:GMRT radio continuum observations at 1280 and 610 MHz of N=12 radio sources    in the IRAS 17160-3707 HII region.    Use of Spitzer GLIMPSE and IRAC images to identify N=7 cold dust clumps    and N=27 YSOs.
Use of archival ATLASGAL and Herschel Hi-GAL surveys. in source:IRAS 17160-3707 Ref:=2016AJ....152..146N byNANDAKUMAR G. , VEENA V.S., VIG S., TEJ A., GHOSH S.K., OJHA D.K. Astron. J., 152, 146-146 (2016) Star-forming activity in the HII regions associated with the IRAS 17160-3707 complex. oTable 2: <[NVV2016] SNN> (Nos S1-S12). Table 5: <[NVV2016] CN> (Nos C1-C7). Table 6: <[NVV2016] IRSNN> (Nos IRS1-IRS24), <[NVV2016] IRSLNN> (Nos IRSL1-IRSL3).
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