Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

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Details on Acronym:   NuSTAR
   NuSTAR Write:<<NuSTAR JHHMMSS+DDMM.m>> N: ? Object:(X)  (SIMBAD class: X = X-ray source) Note:NuSTAR is a NASA high-energy X-ray mission that launched in June 2012. We propose using this designation for NuSTAR-discovered sources that lack counterparts in previous (X-ray) catalogs.
The mission paper is 2013ApJ...770..103H (Harrison et al.).
Only the reference to the serendipitous survey is given hereafter. Other NuSTAR sources are published as they are discovered. Ref:=2017ApJ...836...99L byLANSBURY G.B. , STERN D., AIRD J., ALEXANDER D.M., FUENTES C., HARRISON F.A., TREISTER E., BAUER F.E., TOMSICK J.A., BALOKOVIC M., DEL MORO A., GANDHI P., AJELLO M., ANNUAR A., BALLANTYNE D.R., BOGGS S.E., BRANDT W.N., BRIGHTMAN M., CHEN C.-T.J., CHRISTENSEN F.E., CIVANO F., COMASTRI A., CRAIG W.W., FORSTER K., GREFENSTETTE B.W., HAILEY C.J., HICKOX R.C., JIANG B., JUN H.D., KOSS M., MARCHESI S., MELO A.D., MULLANEY J.R., NOIROT G., SCHULZE S., WALTON D.J., ZAPPACOSTA L., ZHANG W.W. Astrophys. J., 836, 99-99 (2017) The NuSTAR serendipitous survey: the 40-month catalog and the properties of the distant high-energy X-ray source population. oTables 5+7: <NuSTAR JHHMMSS+DDMM.m> N=498+64. JPL/Caltech; NuSTAR Project Scientist =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/ApJ/836/99/> Originof the Acronym: p = Pre-registered to IAU Comm.5

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