Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

    N=7 '[CB88] NNN' Bok globules.
Table 2: format 'CB NNN N', N=21 radio-sources
Table 4: format 'CB NNN VLA N', N=5 VLA radio-sources, already in T.3, but with an optical extent of the globules. See also [YMT96]. in source:[CB88] 24 in source:[CB88] 30 in source:[CB88] 37 in source:[CB88] 43 in source:[CB88] 44 in source:[CB88] 50 in source:[CB88] 55 Ref:=1999AJ....118.1315M byMOREIRA M.C. , YUN J.L., TORRELLES J.M., AFONSO J.M., SANTOS C.A. Astron. J., 118, 1315-1319 (1999) VLA observations of Bok globules: new protostellar candidates. oTable 2: <[MYT99] CB NNN N> N=21. Table 4: <[MYT99] CB NNN VLA N> N=5.
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