Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 107-051 3
 N:  54
Object:*  (SIMBAD class: Star)
  Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad
  Note:Table 2: CCD photometry of ROSAT sources:    format 'RE J1043+490 N', (Nos 1-5).    format 'RE J1332+223 N', (Nos 1-2).    format 'RE J1426+500 N', (Nos 1-4).    format 'RE J1440+750 N', (Nos 1-3).    format 'RE J1629+780 N', (Nos 1-3).    format 'RE J1816+541 N', (Nos 1-3).    format 'RE J1820+580 N', (Nos 1-3).    format 'RE J1853+503 N', (Nos 1-6).    format 'RE J2107-051 N', (Nos 1-3).    format 'RE J2117+484 NN', (Nos 1-14).    format 'RE J2207+252 N', (Nos 1-5).    format 'RE J2249+583 N', (Nos 1-3).
 in source:RE J1043+490
 in source:RE J1332+223
 in source:RE J1426+500
 in source:RE J1440+750
 in source:RE J1629+780
 in source:RE J1816+541
 in source:RE J1820+580
 in source:RE J1853+503
 in source:RE J2107-051
 in source:RE J2117+484
 in source:RE J2207+252
 in source:RE J2249+583
     bySCHWARTZ R.D.
 Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac., 107, 667-671 (1995)

    BVRI photometry of candidate EUV ROSAT sources.

oTable 2: <[SDF95] RE JHHMM+DDd NN> N=54

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