Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 987-None (1991)
    Warm neutral halos around molecular clouds. II. HI and CO (J=1-0)
oTable 1: <[WAM91] Per R> (Nos I-X), <[WAM91] L1551 R> (Nos I-II),    <[WAM91] B30 R> (Nos I-V), <[WAM91] B35 R> (Nos I-II), <[WAM91] L1599    R> (Nos I-II), <[WAM91] S247 R> (Nos I-II), <[WAM91] S255 R> (Nos    I-V), <[WAM91] Mon R> (Nos I-V), <[WAM91] L666 R> (Nos I-V), <[WAM91]    L637 R> (Nos I-IV), <[WAM91] L723 R> (Nos I-IV)
 Auth.:WANNIER P.G.+

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