Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 g clumps selected from the Millimetre Astronomy    Legacy Team 90Hz (MALT90) survey, but not found in ATLASGAL.
     byZHANG Y.-J.
, ZHOU J.-J., ESIMBEK J., HE Y.-X., LI D.-L., TANG X.-D., JI W.-G., YUAN Y., GUO W.-H.
 Ap&SS, 361, 191 (2016)

    The global chemical properties of high-mass star forming clumps at
    different evolutionary stages.
o<[ZZE2016] GLLL.lll+BB.bbb> (Nos G354.207-00.036, G354.206-00.038,    G350.687-00.491, G350.688-00.489, G342.822+00.382, G342.824+00.381,    G341.034-00.114, G341.038-00.113).
=E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/other/ApSS/361.191/>

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