Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 probing the detailed structure and young    massive stellar populations of galactic H II regions.
oTable 1: <[WPC2008] N10-NN> (Nos N10-1 to N10-15), <[WPC2008] N21-NN>    (Nos N21-1 to N21-21), <[WPC2008] N49-N> (Nos N49-1 to N49-7). Table    2: <[WPC2008] IN10-N> (Nos IN10-1 to IN10-4), <[WPC2008] IN121-N> (Nos    IN21-1 to IN21-5), <[WPC2008] IN49-N> (Nos IN49-1 to IN49-5).
 Auth.:WATSON C.+

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