Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 NNa:[KPC2006] N (Not yet in Simbad)
 Write:<< Mrk NNNN Neighbor N>>  
<< MCG +FF-FF-NNNN Neighbor N>>
<< 1H HHMM+DDd Neighbor N>>
<< UGC NNNNN Neighbor N>>
<< IC NNNN Neighbor N>>
<< ESO NNN-NN Neighbor N>>
<< IRAS HHMMm+DDMM Neighbor N>>
<< MS HHMM.m+DDMM Neighbor N>> N: 67+36 Object:G  (SIMBAD class: Galaxy) Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad Note:Survey of AGN galaxies (first paper) and bright IRAS galaxies (second paper) with their close neighbors. Data from CfA2, SSRS and spectroscopic observations from LFOSC on the 2.1m INAOE Guillermo Haro Telescope. Ref:=2006ApJ...639...37K byKOULOURIDIS E. , PLIONIS M., CHAVUSHYAN V., DULTZIN-HACYAN D., KRONGOLD Y., GOUDIS C. Astrophys. J., 639, 37-45 (2006) Local and large-scale environment of Seyfert galaxies. o(Erratum) erratum vol. 657, p. 642 (2007) otable 1 : IC 4859 is a misprint for IC 1859, MCG -3-34-63 is a misprint for -3-34-64, and some redshifts seem to be incorrect. oTable 2: <[KPC2006] NGC NNNNA Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] Mrk NNNN Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] MCG +FF-FF-NNNN Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] 1H HHMM+DDd Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] UGC NNNNN Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] IC NNNN Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] ESO NNN-NN Neibor N>, <[KPC2006] IRAS HHMMm+DDMM Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] MS HHMM.m+DDMM Neighbor N>, N=67. Ref:=2006ApJ...651...93K byKOULOURIDIS E. , CHAVUSHYAN V., PLIONIS M., KRONGOLD Y., DULTZIN-HACYAN D. Astrophys. J., 651, 93-100 (2006) A three-dimensional study of the local environment of bright IRAS galaxies: the active galactic nucleus-starburst connection. oTable 2: <[KPC2006] NGC NNNN Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] UGC NNNNN Neighbor N>, <[KPC2006] IC NNNN Neighbor N>, N=36. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as J/ApJ/639/37
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