Documentations related to VizieR

catstd.htxStandard for Documentation of Astronomical Catalogues
Submit.htxPreparing and Submitting Tabular Data
vizquery.htxThe vizquery client
cdsclient.htxGetting results from VizieR and large surveys in a 
	scripting mode
sesame.htxSesame, the name resolver
/viz-bin/vizHelpVizieR Help
UCD.htxUCD1+ Documentation
ADCkwds.htxADC keywords and their VizieR translation
astrores.htxDescribing Astronomical Catalogues and Query Results with XML
asu.htmAstronomical Server URL (ASU), the query conventions used 
		by VizieR
man/index-e.htxManual Pages of a few utilities used in CDS context
   which might be useful, like acut, anafile, fits2a, ...
javadoc/Javadoc of the cds.astro package
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doc.tar (1999-11-07 01:05)
doc.tar.gz (1999-11-07 01:05) viz/Complete documentation to ingest catalogues & tables into VizieR (in French)

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