Gaia at CDS

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This page presents how to access Gaia data available at CDS and summarizes CDS contribution to the Gaia mission.

As a partner data center, CDS publishes Gaia data when they are publicly available, at the same time as the official GACS archive at ESA.

Gaia Data Release 1

Gaia DR1 is available in CDS services since September 14th 2016. Access to data is provided in the following services:

  • VizieR provides a Web interface as well as Cone Search access to Gaia tables.
    Gaia DR1 in VizieR
    Cone Search base URL for TGAS:
    Cone Search base URL for GaiaSource:
  • TAP VizieR lets the user write (potentially sophisticated) ADQL queries against Gaia data.
    Gaia DR1 TAP access
    TAP endpoint (to be used in TAP clients, eg Topcat or TAPHandle) is:
  • the cross-match service offers fast spatial cross-identification with VizieR tables having positions or user-uploaded list of positions. In this service, Gaia positions have been precessed to epoch 2000 if proper motions data were available.
  • Aladin Desktop features a dedicated form for easy access to Gaia data. Proper motions of sources can be visualized.
    GDR1 is also available as HiPS progressive catalogues, seamlessly browsable from Aladin Desktop and Aladin Lite.
    Explore Gaia DR1 data in Aladin Lite

Other data products

MOCs (coverage maps) and HEALPix density maps are available for TGAS (Tycho-Gaia astrometric solution) and GaiaSource tables.

Data access from other partner data centers

Other Gaia-related data


The GaiaSimu Universe Model Snapshot is available from VizieR, and can also be queried from TAP VizieR.


The Initial Gaia Source List is available from VizieR, in the cross-match service, and can also be queried from TAP VizieR.


The Gaia Attitude Star Catalogue (ASC) is available from VizieR, in the cross-match service, and can also be queried from TAP VizieR.

Gaia contribution to CU9

CDS is a member of Gaia Coordination Unit 9 (CU9) and contributes to the following Work Packages:

  • WP952 (service operations)
  • WP972 (science enabling applications)
  • WP910 (beta testing)