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ADQL Library 1.0

ADQL (Astronomical Data Query Language) is a SQL-like language specifically designed to query VO services and particularly TAP. It is defined by the IVOA in the following document: To sum up ADQL adds to the basic SQL syntax some functions to select sky regions. For instance: CONTAINS(POINT('ICRS', ra, dec), CIRCLE('ICRS', 10, 5, 2) = 1 corresponds to a cone search around (10°,5°) with a radius of 2°.

This library lets parsing, editing and translating queries expressed in ADQL 2.0.

Since the 5th March 2012, the stable version 1.0 of this library is available at adqltuto. You will also find a “Getting started” documentation and a demonstration page. A complete documentation is available at the same URL !

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