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Anafile: ReadMe generation tool

The CDS package Anafile is dedicated for VizieR ingestion. The anafile tool is usefull to analyze the integrity between data files and the ReadMe.

VizieR ingestion package

A VizieR catalogue is made by a collection of tables described in a standardized ReadMe file (see Standards for Astronomical Catalogues). Tables are stored and available by FTP in a standard ASCII format output with aligned columns.

The ReadMe file contains informations (like the abstract, bibliographic identifier, authors name, keywords) and the tables description including the column description(the byte-by-byte of the tables, unit, definition, ..)

Get more informations:


The anafile package is a C-application.

Download Anafile package

Download Python package for ReadMe generation V1.1.8

Installation instructions:

* Create the Makefile

./configure --prefix=$HOME

Add the ouptut directory (binary directory installation) using the option –prefix.

* Compil the sources

make clean
make install

* test tool

./anafile -help
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