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Poster 88 - ADASS 2013 Hawaii

For more information, please contact the authors directly during the conference at the CDS demo booth.

If you have an android device, it is possible to try SkyObjects.

Oral 28 - ADASS 2012 Urbana Champaign

Feedback about astronomical application developements for mobile devices

Poster 135 - ADASS 2011 Paris

A few videoclips, talks and comments to illustrate the poster. For more information, please contact the authors.

Videoclips from IVOA Naples Education session :

Video 1 - Aladin and multitouch

Video 2 - Aladin and multitouch

Video 3 - Aladin and multitouch

Video 4 - Aladin and multitouch

Video 5 - Alipad prototype

Remark : Alipad was a first prototype of SkySurveys

Videoclips from IVOA Pune Application session :

Video 1 - SkySurveys on a smartphone

Video 2 - SkySurveys on a smartphone

SkySurveys, a survey in your pocket. SkySurveys is based on HEALPix and uses the Aladin All sky mode Java code and it can point to all the HEALPix surveys available with Aladin. This Android app performances are possible through the use of OpenGL libraries which are not used by Aladin. In the next step, it would be possible to point to other surveys. It will be available on app stores but before the first release it is possible to test the application. If you are interested, please send us a mail.

Talks :

Outreach VO with Multi-touch screens

SkySurveys, an Android application based on HEALPix

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