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Fourth Euro-VO Technology Forum

Trieste, 22-24 September 2009

The meeting intends to provide joint planning, sharing of best practice, dissemination of results, and technology exchange for all Euro-VO partners. It will also aim at gathering the present status of the work on the standards development in preparation for the Garching November IVOA Interoperability meeting.

Dates and general information

The Planning meetings will be held at Trieste, Italy, 22th-24th September 2009 at the INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, on the "Villa Bazzoni" (Via Riccardo Bazzoni 2, 34124 Trieste). Please refer to directions on how to get there.

The observatory is located in downtown near the S.Giusto castle. Please refer to directions on how to get there.

Registration Deadline: 12th September 2009

WP5 Event

Would it be interesting to propose Tuesday evening at our observing station on the hills (11km from Trieste) with a real AIDA Use Case live in our Esploracosmo lab? We set up a table Y/N on the web page of the 4th AIDA-VO Technology forum.

Around the observing station there are several places to eat (before the observation session) both in Italy and just across the (virtual smile ) border with Slovenia.

Images of spiral galaxy ngc891 and planetary nebula m57 taken during the WP5 event by Bruno Rino and Alberto Micol.

Here you can get fits images: ngc981.fit m57.fit (right click --> save link as)

Workshop Dinner

There will be no formal workshop dinner, but we will make efforts to co-ordinate a gathering if that is the general preference.

Accommodation and Visitor information


Please book your hotel rooms directly. Hotels in the centre of Trieste will be convenient as the Observatory is within walking distance (15-20 min).

The Friuli Venezia Giulia Tourist office has useful travel links including accommodation booking http://www.turismofvg.it/en-US/homen.html

A list of hotels with a special agreement can be found here: hotel.pdf


For any help, request, comment don't hesitate to contact:

Riccardo Smareglia, +39 040 3199 184, smareglia @ oats.inaf.it

Alice Sossi, +39 040 3199 181, sossi @ oats.inaf.it

Provisional Agenda

Tues 22 10:00 Registration - Coffee    
  10:30 Welcome    
  10:45 AIDA: Project Review and Milestones (including Wp2 Report) (pdf)    
  11:30 WP3 Report (pdf) (ppt)    
  12:15 WP4 Overview (P. Padovani, 20 + 15) (.pdf)    
  12:50 Lunch    
  14:20 WP5 Report    
  15:10 Coffee Break    
  16:00 WP6 Report    
  16:45 WP7 Report    
  17:30 Close    
  18:45 Dinner + WP5 Event in Basovizza    
Weds 23 09:30 Introduction to Day Two    
  09:45 WP8 Report    
  10:45 Coffee break    
  11:00 Hackathon/ Science & Management meetings    
  12:50 Lunch    
  14:00 Hackathon / Science & Management meetings  

  15:30 Coffee Break    
  17:00 Close (start of IVOA Exec telecon)    
Thur 24 09:30 Hackathon    
  10:45 Coffee break    
  11:00 WP3 Plans (pdf) (ppt)    
  11:30 WP4 Input to other Work Packages 15+10) .pdf    
  12:00 WP5 Plans    
  12:50 Lunch    
  14:00 WP6 Plans    
  14:30 WP7 Plans    
  15:00 WP8 Plans    
  15:00 WP8 Plans (pdf)    
  15:30 Wrap-up    
  16:00 Close of meeting    


Please indicate below the days on which you will be attending the DS Planning Meetings

Name Tues. 22 Wedn. 23 Thurs. 24 Lunch 22 Lunch 23 Lunch 24 Special menu WP5 Event
Riccardo SmaregliaYYYYYYNY
Sebastien DerriereYYYYYYNY
MireilleLouysYYYYYYNo milk products
Andrea Preite MartinezYYYYYYNY
Brice GassmannYYYYYYNY
Alexandre Richard
André SchaaffYYYYYYNY
Marco MolinaroYYYNNN Y
Fabien ChereauYYYN N N Y
Bruno RinoYYYN N N Y
Paolo PadovaniYYYYYYNY
Alberto MicolYYYYYYNY
Giulia IafrateYYYNNNNY
Mark AllenYY Y YYYNY
Massimo RamellaYYYY YY NY
Fabio PasianNYYNYYN
Patrizia ManzatoYY
Gregory ManteletYY
Francoise Genova
Gert Sikkema
Francois Bonnarel
Jesus SalgadoYYYY
Pedro OsunaYYYY
No milk products
Aurelien StebeYYYY
Cristina KnapicYYYYNNN
Giuliano TaffoniNNYNNYN

-- RiccardoSmareglia - 23 Jul 2009

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="HOTELS_in_TRIESTE-July2009.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1248350655" name="HOTELS_in_TRIESTE-July2009.pdf" path="HOTELS_in_TRIESTE-July2009.pdf" size="19339" stream="HOTELS_in_TRIESTE-July2009.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp49450" user="RiccardoSmareglia" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="2009-09-WP6.pdf" attr="h" comment="WP6 Report" date="1253267832" name="2009-09-WP6.pdf" path="2009-09-WP6.pdf" size="82208" stream="2009-09-WP6.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp30807" user="KeithNoddle" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="WP6_TheoryVO_PManzato.pdf" attr="" comment="Theory" date="1253777795" name="WP6_TheoryVO_PManzato.pdf" path="WP6_TheoryVO_PManzato.pdf" size="148870" stream="WP6_TheoryVO_PManzato.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp33004" user="PatriziaManzato" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="2009-09-WP6.odp" attr="h" comment="" date="1253608822" name="2009-09-WP6.odp" path="2009-09-WP6.odp" size="27872" stream="2009-09-WP6.odp" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp30923" user="KeithNoddle" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="2009-09-WP6.ppt" attr="h" comment="" date="1253608836" name="2009-09-WP6.ppt" path="2009-09-WP6.ppt" size="120320" stream="2009-09-WP6.ppt" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp31001" user="KeithNoddle" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="2009-09-WP6-Sem.odp" attr="" comment="WP6 presentation with semantics" date="1253610371" name="2009-09-WP6-Sem.odp" path="2009-09-WP6-Sem.odp" size="24411" stream="2009-09-WP6-Sem.odp" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp18656" user="SebastienDerriere" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="2009-09-WP6-Sem.pdf" attr="" comment="WP6 presentation with semantics" date="1253610394" name="2009-09-WP6-Sem.pdf" path="2009-09-WP6-Sem.pdf" size="51807" stream="2009-09-WP6-Sem.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp18558" user="SebastienDerriere" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="EuroVO-AIDA_TechnoForum4_WP1_2.pdf" attr="" comment="4th Technology Forum, WP1-2 report" date="1253614184" name="EuroVO-AIDA_TechnoForum4_WP1_2.pdf" path="EuroVO-AIDA_TechnoForum4_WP1_2.pdf" size="169759" stream="EuroVO-AIDA_TechnoForum4_WP1_2.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp25166" user="FrancoiseGenova" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20090922_WP3_-_Curation.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1253614375" name="20090922_WP3_-_Curation.pdf" path="20090922 WP3 - Curation.pdf" size="662144" stream="20090922 WP3 - Curation.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp30564" user="AurelienStebe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20090922_WP3_-_Curation.ppt" attr="" comment="" date="1253614582" name="20090922_WP3_-_Curation.ppt" path="20090922 WP3 - Curation.ppt" size="877056" stream="20090922 WP3 - Curation.ppt" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp33515" user="AurelienStebe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="AIDA_TechForum_Sept2009_WP4_Overview.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1253623332" name="AIDA_TechForum_Sept2009_WP4_Overview.pdf" path="AIDA_TechForum_Sept2009_WP4_Overview.pdf" size="904199" stream="AIDA_TechForum_Sept2009_WP4_Overview.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp23308" user="PaoloPadovani" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="EuroVO-AIDA-WP6-CDS-22Sept09-final.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1253636441" name="EuroVO-AIDA-WP6-CDS-22Sept09-final.pdf" path="EuroVO-AIDA-WP6-CDS-22Sept09-final.pdf" size="180655" stream="EuroVO-AIDA-WP6-CDS-22Sept09-final.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp29066" user="AndreSchaaff" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="WP6SAMPProgress.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1253626570" name="WP6SAMPProgress.pdf" path="WP6SAMPProgress.pdf" size="68375" stream="WP6SAMPProgress.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp24732" user="AndreSchaaff" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="m57.fit" attr="" comment="" date="1253709501" name="m57.fit" path="m57.fit" size="1566720" stream="m57.fit" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp23962" user="GiuliaIafrate" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="m57.jpg" attr="" comment="" date="1253709521" name="m57.jpg" path="m57.jpg" size="30287" stream="m57.jpg" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp23764" user="GiuliaIafrate" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ngc891.fit" attr="" comment="" date="1253709537" name="ngc891.fit" path="ngc891.fit" size="527040" stream="ngc891.fit" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp23867" user="GiuliaIafrate" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ngc891.jpg" attr="" comment="" date="1253709550" name="ngc891.jpg" path="ngc891.jpg" size="198791" stream="ngc891.jpg" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp23919" user="GiuliaIafrate" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20090924_WP3_-_Curation.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1253778728" name="20090924_WP3_-_Curation.pdf" path="20090924 WP3 - Curation.pdf" size="72345" stream="20090924 WP3 - Curation.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp33279" user="AurelienStebe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="20090924_WP3_-_Curation.ppt" attr="" comment="" date="1253778746" name="20090924_WP3_-_Curation.ppt" path="20090924 WP3 - Curation.ppt" size="79872" stream="20090924 WP3 - Curation.ppt" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp33283" user="AurelienStebe" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="EuroVO-AIDA_Trieste2009_WP7_Opening_Osuna.ppt" attr="" comment="" date="1253778941" name="EuroVO-AIDA_Trieste2009_WP7_Opening_Osuna.ppt" path="EuroVO-AIDA_Trieste2009_WP7_Opening_Osuna.ppt" size="327168" stream="EuroVO-AIDA_Trieste2009_WP7_Opening_Osuna.ppt" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp28778" user="PedroOsuna" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="EuroVO-AIDA_Trieste2009_WP7_Closing_Osuna.ppt" attr="" comment="" date="1253778967" name="EuroVO-AIDA_Trieste2009_WP7_Closing_Osuna.ppt" path="EuroVO-AIDA_Trieste2009_WP7_Closing_Osuna.ppt" size="534016" stream="EuroVO-AIDA_Trieste2009_WP7_Closing_Osuna.ppt" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp28714" user="PedroOsuna" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="AIDA_TF4_work_programme_WP8.ppt" attr="" comment="WP8 Work Programme" date="1253780898" name="AIDA_TF4_work_programme_WP8.ppt" path="AIDA_TF4_work_programme_WP8.ppt" size="18432" stream="AIDA_TF4_work_programme_WP8.ppt" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp25000" user="FrancoiseGenova" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="AIDA_TechForum_Sept2009_WP4_Input.pdf" attr="h" comment="" date="1253787181" name="AIDA_TechForum_Sept2009_WP4_Input.pdf" path="AIDA_TechForum_Sept2009_WP4_Input.pdf" size="174343" stream="AIDA_TechForum_Sept2009_WP4_Input.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp23087" user="PaoloPadovani" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="AIDA_TF4_work_programme_WP8.pdf" attr="" comment="WP8 work programme" date="1258016808" name="AIDA_TF4_work_programme_WP8.pdf" path="AIDA_TF4_work_programme_WP8.pdf" size="10089" stream="AIDA_TF4_work_programme_WP8.pdf" tmpFilename="/var/tmp/CGItemp20218" user="FrancoiseGenova" version="1"
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