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Welcome to the Euro-VO AIDA Astronomical Infrastructure for Data Access

This is the web-based collaboration area of the Euro-VO Astronomical Infrastructure for Data Access project. This project is supported by EU in the framework of the FP7 eInfrastructure Scientific Research Repositories initiative (project RI2121104). It started on 1 February 2008, for a duration of 30 months.



General information

EuroVO-AIDA Bodies

Work Packages

  • WP1: Management
  • WP2: Strategy, co-operation and dissemination
  • WP3: Support of deployment of VO protocols and standards
  • WP4: Support of provision of VO-enabled services to the science community
  • WP5: Support to higher education and outreach
  • WP6: Evolution of VO protocols and standards
  • WP7: Data Access Protocols and Data Models
  • WP8: Assessment of emerging Technologies

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WEB Web Utilities

  • - advanced search
  • WebTopicList - all topics in alphabetical order
  • WebChanges - recent topic changes in this web
  • WebNotify - subscribe to an e-mail alert sent when topics change
  • WebRss, WebAtom - RSS and ATOM news feeds of topic changes
  • WebStatistics - listing popular topics and top contributors
  • WebPreferences - preferences of this web

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