EuroVO-AIDA, Work Package 4: Service Activities in support of provision of VO-enabled services to the science community

Contact person: Evanthia Hatziminaoglou (ESO)


Serve the science community in its uptake of the VObs-enabled data infrastructure

  • (1) Trigger advanced usage of VObs capabilities
  • (2) Obtain a set of well documented science cases
  • (3) Gather feedback about the science community needs
  • (4) Adapt of VObs tools to these needs

Description of work

  • In complement to the free usage of the services through communications network, Announcements of Opportunities for advanced usage of astronomical digital archives through VObs tools, and scientific support to the selected projects; feedback gathering on the tools (ESO and other WP4 participants)

  • On-line science-oriented tutorials for the usage of VObs-enabled astronomical archives and VObs data access tool, disseminated in the frame of WP2-2 (ESO and other WP4 participants)

  • Preparatory work for the Scientific Workshops to help astronomers utilise at best European digital archives (as described in WP2-2) (ESO and other WP4 participants)

  • Adaptation of VObs tools to fulfil the science community needs (ESO and other WP4 participants)


  • D4.1 (Month 5 - June 2008, ESO): First Announcement of Opportunity
    • Released April 16, 2008; deadline June 15, 2008; the call is now closed
  • D4.2 (Month 15 - April 2009, ESO with other WP4 participants): First release of on-line science-oriented tutorials
  • D4.3 (Month 17 - June 2009, ESO): Second Announcement of Opportunity
  • D4.4 (Month 27 - April 2010, ESO with other WP4 participants): Final release of on-line science-oriented tutorials

Templates for EuroVO-AIDA deliverables are available here.

-- FrancoiseGenova - 21 Feb 2008

-- MathiasDepretz - 03 Sept. 2008

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