Euro-VO DCA project schedule and events

Project Schedule

The project will last for 28 months, starting 1 September 2006. It is organized into four phases:

  • Kick-off Phase: 2 months
  • Cycle 1: one year
  • Cycle 2: one year
  • Final phase: 2 months


Colour code: DCA events ; Euro-VO & Euro-VO/DCA partner events ; European Commission events ; IVOA events ;Other events


Date Event Host Location Further Info
11-12 December 4th edition of the ESAC Grid Workshop ESAC Villafranca del Castillo (near Madrid), Spain workshop web site
10-12 December EGEE _ Induction course ASOV, EGEE, IN2P3 Meudon, France meeting web site
24 November 6th e-Infrastructure Concertation Meeting EC & BELIEF-II project Lyon - France meeting web site
19-20 November EuroVO-DCA Final Board-PCT meeting ESAC Villafranca del Castillo (near Madrid), Spain meeting web site
13 November DCA IST final meeting CNRS/INSU telecon IST Twiki page
12-14 November ASOV annual meeting CNRS/INSU IAP, France meeting web site
26-31 October IVOA Interoperability meeting STSI & The Johns Hopkins University Dept of Physics and Astronomy Baltimore, Maryland, USA meeting web site
23-24 October Virtual Observatory Info Day WP6/ Faculty of Sciences. Lisbon, Portugal meeting web site
14-15 October MPG eScience Seminar MPG Berlin, Germany Meeting website
22-26 September EGEE’07 Conference EGEE Istanbul, Turkey Meeting website
15-19 September The 24th Open Grid Forum - OGF24 Singapore Grid Forum Singapore, Singapore meeting web site
8-12 September JENAM 2008 - "New challenges to European astronomy" Austrian Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics (OEGAA), Astronomische Gesellschaft (AG), and European Astronomical Society (EAS) Vienna, Austria meeting web site
23-27 June Second Euro-VO DCA Workshop 2008 EuroVO-DCA and Euro-VO FC Garching, Germany meeting web site
19-20 June MPG eScience Seminar MPG Göttingen, Germany Meeting website
16-18 June Astronet Infrastructure Roadmap Symposium Astronet Liverpool, UK Symposium web site
7 June 5th e-Infrastructure Concertation meeting e-Infrastructure as standardisation drivers EC Barcelona, Spain meeting web site
2-6 June The 23rd Open Grid Forum - OGF23 OGF Barcelona, Spain meeting web site - TWiki Page
29 May Third PCT meeting CNRS Strasbourg, France Third PCT meeting
19-23 May IVOA Interoperability meeting IVOA Trieste, Italy meeting web site
18 April Information Event on the fourth Call for proposals under the e-Infrastructures Activity of the 'Capacities' Specific Programme, FP7 European Commission Brussels meeting web page
17 April ERINA Workshop European Commission Brussels, Belgium meeting web site
9-11 April EuroVO-DCA Grid Workshop WP5/INAF Garching, Germany workshop web page
7-9 April EuroVO-DCA Theory Workshop WP4/MPE Garching, Germany workshop web page
11-12 April Euro-VO Fourth Science Advisory Committee meeting Euro-VO/T. Prusti/P. Padovani IoA, Cambridge, UK meeting web page
27-28 March MPG eScience Seminar MPG Munich, Germany Meeting website
12 March Computational Astrophysics in Italy: results and perspectives Workshop INAF-SI Rome, Italy Meeting website
11-14 February EGEE 3rd User Forum EGEE Clermont-Ferrand, France Meeting website
24-25 January Virtual Observatory Info Day WP6/Institute of Astronomy - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Sofia, Bulgaria Meeting Programme
16-17 January First DRIVER Summit : Towards a Confederation of Digital Repositories European project DRIVER Goettingen, Germany meeting web site
16-17 January 3rd GRID & e-Collaboration Workshop for the Earth Science Community ESA-ESRIN Frascati, Italy meeting web site
10 January EuroVO-DCA Review European Commission Brussels, Belgium meeting TWiki page


Date Event Host Location Further Info
5-6 December 4th e-Infrastructure Concertation EC/ETSI Sophia-Antipolis, France event web site
29-30 November ESAC Grid Workshop ESA Villafranca del Castillo, Spain event web site
26-27 November ASOV annual meeting CNRS/INSU Paris Observatory, France meeting web site
29-30 October European Information Space DILIGENT Rome, Italy meeting web page
15-26 October Virtualios observatorijos Vilnius University Moletaj Observatory, Lithuania meeting Web site
15-19 October Astronomy with VO IUCAA Pune, India workshop web page
8-11 October VO-TECH Stage 6 Planning Meeting AstroGrid/UEDIN Edinburgh, UK meeting web page
4-5 October DCA mid-term Board-PCT meeting INAF Trieste, Italy meeting web page
1-5 October 6th EGEE’07 Conference Europe Congress Center (ECC) Budapest, Hungary meeting web page
27-28 September IVOA Interoperability meeting AstroGrid/IoA Cambridge, UK IVOA meeting
23-26 September Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVII ADASS London, UK Meeting website
5-6 September DPE/PLANETS/CASPAR second annual joint conference Instituto dos Arquivos Nacionais Lisbon, Portugal meeting web page
20-25 August Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting (JENAM) Armenian Astronomical Society Yerevan, Armenia JENAM
20-24 August European Planetary Science Congress 2007 European Planetary Network Potsdam, Germany Congress website
25-29 June First EuroVO-DCA Workshop (WP3 deliverable D6) ESA ESAC Villafranca del Castillo, Spain DcaMay2007Workshop Workshop page
18-19 June French VO Theory WG meeting F-VO ENS Lyon, France Worshop page
18 June Euro-VO Third Science Advisory Committee meeting ESA Noordwijk-am-see, the Netherlands meeting web page
24 May e-Infrastructure Information event EC Brussels, Belgium event web page
23-24 May First Workshop for the e- Science Structuring: "Paving a way for the development of e-Science in Chile " REUNA Santiago de Chile, Chile event web page
14-19 May Biomed GRID School ICEAGE/BIOINFOGRID /EMBRACE/SwissBioGrid Varenna, Italy school web site
14-18 May IVOA Interoperability meeting China-VO Beijing, China IVOA meeting
9 -11 May EGEE 2nd User Forum Manchester University Manchester, UK Meeting Website
9 May IVOA - OGF Astro-RG Work Shop @ OGF20 OGF/IVOA/IG Manchester, UK IVOA - OGF Astro-RG Work Shop
7-11 May 20th Open Grid Forum OGF Manchester, UK meeting web page
3-4 May First PCT meeting CNRS Strasbourg, France First PCT meeting
12-13 April SNAP/IVOA workshop Max-Planck Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik Garching, Germany SNAP/IVOA workshop
23-27 March ICTP Workshop on Scientific Instruments and Sensors in the Grid ICTP Trieste, Italy ICTP Workshop
23 March DCA IST first face-to-face meeting ESA ESAC Villafranca del Castillo, Spain First IST meeting
21-23 March Astronomical Spectroscopy and Virtual Observatory Workshop ESA ESAC Villafranca del Castillo, Spain Astronomical Spectroscopy and Virtual Observatory Workshop
12-15 March VO-TECH Stage 5 Planning meeting VO-TECH ESO, Garching, Germany VO-TECH Twiki for the meeting
26 Feb-2 March 2nd GRID User Tutorial jointly organized by INAF-SI and Planck WG8 INAF Trieste, Italy 2nd GRID User Tutorial
19-23 February VALD (Vienna Atomic Line Database) workshop Institute for Astronomy, Vienna Vienna, Austria  
12-13 February Second SVO School: Data Mining in the VO UNED UNED, Madrid, Spain Second SVO School: Data Mining in the VO
6 February e-Infrastructure Information event EC Brussells, Belgium event web page
1-2 February 2nd DCA Board meeting ESO Garching, Germany 2nd Board meeting
29 January-2 February 19th Open Grid Forum OGF Chapel Hill, USA meeting web site
9 January First meeting of the F-VO Grid working group OV France Lyon, France First meeting of the F-VO Grid working group

Date Event HostSorted ascending Location Further Info
4-8 December AstroGrid Science Workshop and RadioNet/AstroGrid workshop for radio data providers Astrogrid Oxford, United Kingdom Astrogrid/Radionet workshop
14-15 December BELIEF Conference BELIEF Community New Delhi, India BELIEF conference
4-7 September VO-TECH Stage 4 Planning Meeting CDS Strasbourg, France meeting web page
28-30 November ASOV annual meeting CNRS/INSU IAP Paris, France ASOV
16 November DCA IST kick-off meeting CNRS/INSU telecon IST Twiki page
2&3 October DCA Board kick-off meeting CNRS/INSU Strasbourg, France Board Kick-off meeting
27 September ASOV CS meeting CNRS/INSU IAP Paris, France ASOV
14-19 May IVOA Interoperability meeting CVO Victoria, Canada IVOA meeting
1 September DCA project start
11-12 December 2nd GRID & e-Collaboration Workshop for the Earth Science and the Space Community ESA (L. Fusco) ESRIN Frascati, Italy 2nd GRID & e-Collaboration Workshop
21-23 November IST Conference 'Strategies for leadership' European Commission Helsinki, Finland IST conference
27 October Information session on Research Infrastructure under FP7 European Commission Brussels, Belgium FP7 Information Session
8-9 June European Infrastructure for Repositories of Scientific Information European Commission Brussels, Belgium Digital Repositories workshop
22 November EuroVO Second Science Advisory Committee meeting EuroVO (P. Padovani) ESRIN Frascati, Italy Second EuroVO SAC
30 November-1 December DCA WP5 kick-off meeting INAF Trieste, Italy WP5 kick-off
23-24 November Workshop INAF Monte Porzio, Italy Workshop
27-28 November First SVO School INTA LAEFF Madrid, Spain First SVO School
27 November - 2 February VO lectures NOVA Groningen, Netherlands VO Lectures
13 December 20th ORAP Forum ORAP Paris, France 20th ORAP Forum
20 November Third Concertation Meeting on eInfrastructure, Specific theme: FP6-funded test beds PANLAB Helsinki, Finland PANLAB concertation meeting
18-21 September IVOA Interoperability meeting RVO Moscow, Russia IVOA meeting

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