Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 10-Sep-2021)

Result of query: info cati FLR2014] NGC4651 nuc$



Details on Acronym:   [FLR2014]
   [FLR2014] (Foster+Lux+Romanowsky+, 2014) Write:<<[FLR2014] {p}{1|2} {sup} NNN>>
<<[FLR2014] p1 PN NN>>
<<[FLR2014] p1 HST N>>
<<[FLR2014] p2 HII NN>>
<<[FLR2014] NGC4651 nuc>> N: 913+1 Object:Gl? + HII + Poss. PN  (SIMBAD class: Unknown = Object of unknown nature) Stat:is completely incorporated in Simbad Note:Subaru Suprime-Cam and Keck DEIMOS observations of N=913+46 globular clusters candidates, planetary nebulae candidates, HII regions candidates to study the Umbrella Galaxy: NGC 4651. in source:NGC 4651 Ref:=2014MNRAS.442.3544F byFOSTER C. , LUX H., ROMANOWSKY A.J., MARTINEZ-DELGADO D., ZIBETTI S., ARNOLD J.A., BRODIE J.P., CIARDULLO R., GABANY R.J., MERRIFIELD M.R., SINGH N., STRADER J. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 442, 3544-3564 (2014) Kinematics and simulations of the stellar stream in the halo of the Umbrella Galaxy. oTables 2-5: <[FLR2014] p1 HST N> N=4 (Nos 0-3), <[FLR2014] p1 PN NN> N=39 (Nos 0-38), <[FLR2014] p1 sup NNN> N=251 (Nos 0-250), <[FLR2014] p2 sup NNN> N=557 (Nos 0-556), <[FLR2014] p2 HII NN> N=64 (Nos 0-63), <[FLR2014] NGC4651 nuc>. =E=Catalogue in electronic form as J/MNRAS/442/3544 Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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