Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 26-Nov-2020)

Result of query: info cati SMS86] NNN$


Details on Acronym:   [SMS86]
   [SMS86] (Saha+Monet+Seitzer, 1986)= (SSM) Write:<<[SMS86] NNN>> N: 237 Object:RR Lyr  (SIMBAD class: RRLyr = Variable Star of RR Lyr type) Note:Search of RR Lyrae stars in the Carina dwarf galaxy. in source:NAME Carina Dwarf Galaxy Ref:=1986AJ.....92..302S bySAHA A. , MONET D.G., SEITZER P. Astron. J., 92, 302-327 (1986) RR Lyrae stars in the Carina dwarf galaxy. oTable II: <[SMS86] NNN> (Nos 1-172) Ref:=2003AJ....126..197D byDALL'ORA M. , RIPEPI V., CAPUTO F., CASTELLANI V., BONO G., SMITH H.A., BROCATO E., BUONANNO R., CASTELLANI M., CORSI C.E., MARCONI M., MONELLI M., NONINO M., PULONE L., WALKER A.R. Astron. J., 126, 197-217 (2003) The Carina project. I. Bright variable stars. oTable 1: <[SMS86] NNN> (Nos 173-207) added. Ref:=2015ApJ...814...71C byCOPPOLA G. , MARCONI M., STETSON P.B., BONO G., BRAGA V.F., RIPEPI V., DALL'ORA M., MUSELLA I., BUONANNO R., FABRIZIO M., FERRARO I., FIORENTINO G., IANNICOLA G., MONELLI M., NONINO M., THEVENIN F., WALKER A.R. Astrophys. J., 814, 71 (2015) The Carina project IX: on hydrogen and helium burning variables. oTable 2: <[SMS86] NNN> (Nos 208-237) added. Table 12: <[CMS2015] NNN> (Nos 341-442). =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/AJ/126/197/> =E=Catalogue in electronic form as <J/ApJ/814/71/> Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database
Details on Acronym:   SSM
   SSM (Saha+Seitzer+Monet) ***** Avoid the usage of SSM, prefer [SMS86] Originof the Acronym: L (1998AJ....115.1856M)

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