Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 roups towards the outer    galactic disk and the galactic rotation curve.
o<[TM93] SH 2-283 NNN> N=130. <[TM93] SH 2-284 NNN> N=235. <[TM93] SH    2-285 NNN> N=174. <[TM93] SH 2-289 NNN> N=358. <[TM93] SH 2-305 NN>    N=95. <[TM93] SH 2-309 NNN> N=104. <CL* Bochum 2 TM NNN> N=136. <CL*    Ruprecht 32 TM NNN> N=221
 Auth.:TURBIDE L.+

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