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Details on Acronym:   Gabuzda
   Gabuzda (Gabuzda+) Write:<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd Core>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd KN>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd KNA>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd KN.N>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd KNN>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd Ka>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd XN>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd XNA>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd A>>
<<Gabuzda HHMM+DDd AN>> Object:Knot  (SIMBAD class: Unknown = Object of unknown nature) Note:Structure of 21 BL Lac objects format 'HHMM+DDd', with Ohio J 287 = 0851+202, BL Lac = 2200+420. Maps Ref:=1987ApJ...323..536R byROBERTS D.H. , GABUZDA D.C., WARDLE J.F.C. Astrophys. J., 323, 536-542 (1987) Linear polarization structure of the BL Lacertae object OJ 287 at milliardsecond resolution. o<Gabuzda 0851+202 KN> (Nos K1-K2>, <Gabuzda 0851+202 Core> N=1. Ref:=1989ApJ...336L..59G byGABUZDA D.C. , WARDLE J.F.C., ROBERTS D.H. Astrophys. J., 336, 59-62 (1989) Superluminal motion in the BL Lacertae object OJ 287. o<Gabuzda 0851+202 KN> No. K3 added. Ref:=1989ApJ...338..743G byGABUZDA D.C. , WARDLE J.F.C., ROBERTS D.H. Astrophys. J., 338, 743-751 (1989) Linear polarization structure of the BL Lacertae object 0735+178 at milliarcsecond resolution. oTable 1: <Gabuzda 0735+178 Core> N=1, <Gabuzda 0735+178 KN> (Nos K1-K2). Ref:=1989ApJ...347..701G byGABUZDA D.C. , CAWTHORNE T.V., ROBERTS D.H., WARDLE J.F.C. Astrophys. J., 347, 701-712 (1989) The milliarcsecond polarization structure of six BL Lacertae objects. oTable 2: <Gabuzda 0454+844 Core> N=1. Table 3: <Gabuzda 1823+568 Core> N=1, <Gabuzda 1823+568 KN> (Nos K1-K2). Table 4: <Gabuzda 2200+420 C> N=1, <Gabuzda 2200+420 KN> (Nos K1-K2). Ref:=1992ApJ...388...40G byGABUZDA D.C. , CAWTHORNE T.V., ROBERTS D.H., WARDLE J.F.C. Astrophys. J., 388, 40-54 (1992) A survey of the milliarcsecond polarization properties of BL Lacertae objects at 5 GHz. oTable 2, Figs 1-11: <Gabuzda HHMM+DDd Core> N=11, <Gabuzda 0300+470 KN> (Nos K1-K2), <Gabuzda 0306+102 KN> (Nos K1-K2), <Gabuzda 0754+100 KN> (No. K1), <Gabuzda 0954+658 KN> (Nos K1-K3), <Gabuzda 1219+285 KN> (Nos K1-K4), <Gabuzda 1308+326 KN> (Nos K1-K3), <Gabuzda 1538+149 KN> (No. K1), <Gabuzda 1652+398 KN> (Nos K1-K2), <Gabuzda 1749+701 KN> (Nos K1-K3), <Gabuzda 1803+784 KN> (Nos K1-K2). Ref:=1994ApJ...435..128G byGABUZDA D.C. , WARDLE J.F.C., ROBERTS D.H., ALLER M.F., ALLER H.D. Astrophys. J., 435, 128-139 (1994) Unusual evolution in the VLBI structure of 0735+178. oFig.1, 2, Tables 2, 3: <Gabuzda 0735+178 KN> (Nos K3-K6) added, <Gabuzda 0735+178 KN.N> (No. K2.5), <Gabuzda 0735+178 KNA> (No. K0A). Ref:=1994ApJ...435..140G byGABUZDA D.C. , MULLAN C.M., CAWTHORNE T.V., WARDLE J.F.C., ROBERTS D.H. Astrophys. J., 435, 140-161 (1994) Evolution of the milliarcsecond total intensity and polarization structures of BL Lacertae objects. oTable 2, figs 1-11: <Gabuzda 0300+470 KN> (No. K3), <Gabuzda 0454+844 KN> (Nos K0-K2), <Gabuzda 0954+658 KN> (No. K0), <Gabuzda 1652+398 KN> (No. K0), <Gabuzda 1749+701 KNN> (Nos K01-K02), <Gabuzda 1803+784 KNN> (Nos K01-K03), <Gabuzda 1823+568 KN> (Nos K0, K3), <Gabuzda 2007+777 Core> N=1, <Gabuzda 2007+777 KN> (Nos K1-K5). Ref:=1996MNRAS.278..861C byCAWTHORNE T.V. , GABUZDA D.C. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 278, 861-868 (1996) Milliarcsecond-scale polarization structure in the quasars 3C 279 and 3C 454.3. oTable 2: 3C279C2, 3C279C3, 3C279C4. Table 4: 3C 454.3 = PKS 2251+158 oTable 4: <Gabuzda 2251+158 Core>, <Gabuzda 2251+158 KN> (Nos K1-K7). Ref:=1996MNRAS.283..759G byGABUZDA D.C. , CAWTHORNE T.V. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 283, 759-776 (1996) The parsec-scale polarization structure of nine BL Lacertae objects at λ = 3.6 cm. oTable 3, Figs 4-11: <Gabuzda 0454+844 KN> (No. K3), <Gabuzda 0735+178 A> (No. P), <Gabuzda 0851+202 KN> (Nos K4-K5), <Gabuzda 0954+658 KN> (Nos K4-K6), <Gabuzda 1219+285 KN> (Nos K0, K6-K7), <Gabuzda 1219+285 KN.N> (No. 3.5), <Gabuzda 1803+784 KN> (No. K3), <Gabuzda 1803+784 KNA> (Nos K0A-KOB), <Gabuzda 1823+568 KN> (No. K4), <Gabuzda 1823+568 KNA> (Nos K0A), <Gabuzda 2200+420 KN> (No. K3). Ref:=1998A&A...333..445G byGABUZDA D.C. , KOVALEV Y.Y., KRICHBAUM T.P., ALEF W., KRAUS A., WITZEL A., QUIRRENBACH A. Astron. Astrophys., 333, 445-451 (1998) VLBI polarization observations of the rapidly variable BL Lacertae object BL 0716+714. oTable 2, Figs: <Gabuzda 0716+714 Core> N=1, <Gabuzda 0716+714 CN> (Nos C1-C2), <Gabuzda 0716+714 KN> (Nos K1-K3), <Gabuzda 0716+714 XNA> (Nos X1-X3, X0A). Ref:=1999NewAR..43..695P byPUSHKAREV A.B. , GABUZDA D.C. New Astronomy Reviews, 43, 695-698 (1999) Global VLBI polarisation observations of BL Lac objects. oFig 1: <Gabuzda 0003-066 KN> (Nos K1-K4), <Gabuzda 0003-066 Core> N=1. Fig 2: <Gabuzda 1538+149 Ka> (Nos Ka-Kc). Fig 3: <Gabuzda 2254+074 KN> (Nos K1-K5), <Gabuzda 2254+074 Ka> (No. Ka), <Gabuzda 2254+074 Core> N=1. Ref:=2000MNRAS.319.1056G byGABUZDA D.C. , CAWTHORNE T.V. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 319, 1056-1066 (2000) VLBI polarization images of eight compact active galactic nuclei at λ=1.3cm. oTable 2: <Gabuzda 1253-055 Core>, <Gabuzda 1253-055 KNA> (Nos K1-K4, K1A-K1C) new. Table 2: <Gabuzda 2200+420 KN> (Nos K4-K5) added. Ref:=2000MNRAS.319.1109G byGABUZDA D.C. , PUSHKAREV A.B., CAWTHORNE T.V. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 319, 1109-1124 (2000) Analysis of λ=6cm VLBI polarization observations of a complete sample of northern BL Lacertae objects. oTable 3: <Gabuzda HHMM+DDd Core> N=8, <Gabuzda 0003-066 KN> (Nos K4-K5) added, <Gabuzda 0814+425 KN> (Nos K1-K5), <Gabuzda 0820+225 KNN> (Nos K1-K11), <Gabuzda 0823+033 KN> (Nos K1-K3), <Gabuzda 1334-127 KN> (Nos K1-K3), <Gabuzda 1732+389 KN> (Nos K1-K3), <Gabuzda 2131-021 KN> (Nos K1-K5), <Gabuzda 2155-152 KN> (Nos K, K1)), <Gabuzda 2150+173 KN> (Nos K1-K5). Ref:=2001MNRAS.327.1071R byREYNOLDS C. , CAWTHORNE T.V., GABUZDA D.C. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 327, 1071-1080 (2001) Faraday rotation in the VLBI core of BL Lacertae. oTable 2: <Gabuzda 2200+420 KNN> (Nos K8-K11) added. Originof the Acronym: S = Created by Simbad, the CDS Database

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