Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 13-Nov-2020)

Result of query: info cati NAME LTS J054427-692659$


Details on Acronym:   LTS
   LTS (LMC TTau Star) Write:<<NAME LTS JHHMMSS+DDMMSS>> N: 1 Object:T Tau *  (SIMBAD class: TTau* = T Tau-type Star) Ref:=2001A&A...380L...9W byWICHMANN R. , SCHMITT J.H.M.M., KRAUTTER J. Astron. Astrophys., 380, 9-12 (2001) First spectroscopically confirmed discovery of an extragalactic T Tauri star. oHodge II 139 = [H88b] 139. o<NAME LTS J054427-692659> N=1. Originof the Acronym: A = Assigned by the author(s)

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