Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 16-Apr-2021)

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Details on Acronym:   VER
   VER (VERITAS Gamma-Ray Source) Write:<<VER JHHMM+DDd>> Object:(Gamma)  (SIMBAD class: gamma = gamma-ray source) Note:In preparation.
VERITAS (Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) is a major experiment in ground-based gamma-ray astronomy that started full scientific operation in 2007. 2008ApJ...679..397A: first ref. with a VER JHHMM+DDd object. http://veritas.sao.arizona.edu/ Auth.:KAARET P. Ref:=2008ApJ...679..397A byACCIARI V.A. , BEILICKE M., BLAYLOCK G., BRADBURY S.M., BUCKLEY J.H., BUGAEV V., BUTT Y., CELIK O., CESARINI A., CIUPIK L., COGAN P., COLIN P., CUI W., DANIEL M.K., DUKE C., ERGIN T., FALCONE A.D., FEGAN S.J., FINLEY J.P., FINNEGAN G., FORTIN P., FORTSON L.F., GIBBS K., GILLANDERS G.H., GRUBE J., GUENETTE R., GYUK G., HANNA D., HAYS E., HOLDER J., HORAN D., HUGHES S.B., HUI M.C., HUMENSKY T.B., IMRAN A., KAARET P., KERTZMAN M., KIEDA D.B., KILDEA J., KONOPELKO A., KRAWCZYNSKI H., KRENNRICH F., LANG M.J., LEBOHEC S., LEE K., MAIER G., McCANN A., McCUTCHEON M., MILLIS J., MORIARTY P., MUKHERJEE R., NAGAI T., ONG R.A., PANDEL D., PERKINS J.S., POHL M., QUINN J., RAGAN K., REYNOLDS P.T., ROSE H.J., SCHROEDTER M., SEMBROSKI G.H., SMITH A.W., STEELE D., SWORDY S.P., SYSON A., TONER J.A., VALCARCEL L., VASSILIEV V.V., WAKELY S.P., WARD J.E., WEEKES T.C., WEINSTEIN A., WHITE R.J., WILLIAMS D.A., WISSEL S.A., WOOD M.D., ZITZER B. Astrophys. J., 679, 397-403 (2008) Observation of γ-ray emission from the galaxy M87 above 250 GeV with VERITAS. oText: <VER JHHMM+DDd> N=1. Originof the Acronym: p = Pre-registered to IAU Comm.5

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