Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
(Last update: 17-Sep-2020)

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Details on Acronym:   XLSSC
   XLSSC (XMM Large Scale Structure survey, Cluster of galaxies) Write:<<XLSSC NNN>>
<<XLSSC NNNa>> N: about 800 Object:Cl of G  (SIMBAD class: ClG = Cluster of Galaxies) Note:See XLSS.
A sequential number will be used throughout authors papers to refer to galaxy clusters in the XLSS survey.
2004A&A...423...75V: first 5 clusters.
2004MNRAS.353..353A: 2nd ref. with XLSSC clusters. in source:NAME XMM-LSS Field Ref:=2004A&A...423...75V byVALTCHANOV I. , PIERRE M., WILLIS J., DOS SANTOS S., JONES L., ANDREON S., ADAMI C., ALTIERI B., BOLZONELLA M., BREMER M., DUC P.-A., GOSSET E., JEAN C., SURDEJ J. Astron. Astrophys., 423, 75-85 (2004) The XMM-LSS survey. First high redshift galaxy clusters: Relaxed and collapsing systems. oTable 1: <XLSSC N> (Nos 1-5), <XLSSU JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS> N=5. Ref:=2004MNRAS.353..353A byANDREON S. , WILLIS J., QUINTANA H., VALTCHANOV I., PIERRE M., PACAUD F. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 353, 353-368 (2004) Galaxy evolution in clusters up to z= 1.0. oTable 1: <XLSSC NNN> (Nos 001-020, 011 and 015 missing) N=18. Text: <RzCS NNN> (No. 001). Ref:=2005MNRAS.359.1250A byANDREON S. , VALTCHANOV I., JONES L.R., ALTIERI B., BREMER M., WILLIS J., PIERRE M., QUINTANA H. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 359, 1250-1260 (2005) Batch discovery of nine z~ 1 clusters using X-ray and K or R, z' images. oTable 1: <XLSSC NNNa> (Nos 005a-005b) added. oSources named "XLSS" are "XLSSU" in Simbad, according to the XLSS and XLSSU acronym definitions. Ref:=2014MNRAS.444.2723C byCLERC N. , ADAMI C., LIEU M., MAUGHAN B., PACAUD F., PIERRE M., SADIBEKOVA T., SMITH G.P., VALAGEAS P., ALTIERI B., BENOIST C., MAUROGORDATO S., WILLIS J.P. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 444, 2723-2753 (2014) The XMM-LSS survey: the Class 1 cluster sample over the extended 11 °2 and its spatial distribution. oTable 1: <XLSSC NNN> N=52 among (Nos 1-80). Ref:=2016A&A...592A...3G byGILES P.A. , MAUGHAN B.J., PACAUD F., LIEU M., CLERC N., PIERRE M., ADAMI C., CHIAPPETTI L., DEMOCLES J., ETTORI S., LE FEVRE J.P., PONMAN T., SADIBEKOVA T., SMITH G.P., WILLIS J.P., ZIPARO F. Astron. Astrophys., 592A, 3-3 (2016) The XXL Survey. III. Luminosity-temperature relation of the bright cluster sample. oTable 1: <XLSSC NNN> N=100 among (Nos 1-549). Originof the Acronym: p = Pre-registered to IAU Comm.5

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