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<big>''' Social dinner – 18.00 '''</big><br /><br />
<big>''' Social dinner – 18.00 '''</big><br /><br />
''Included in the conference price.''<br /><br />
''Included in the conference price.''<br /><br />
== Friday, June 9th ==
<big>'''Cathedral guided tour – 18.00'''</big>
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
| (min 10 people)<br /><br />Cost: '''5-10€/person'''<br /><br />'''The event includes :'''<br />A guided tour of the [http://www.otstrasbourg.fr/en/discover/monuments-museums-and-other-sites-to-visit/must-see-tourist-sites/F223007269_the-cathedral-of-notre-dame-strasbourg.html Gothic Cathedral of Notre-Dame], its Middle Ages facade, its Astronomical Clock, statues, organ, pulpit and stained-glass windows (duration of the tour ~1h). <br /><br /><br />''After the tour, people are free to find a typical restaurant to taste Alsatian food.''<br />|| <gallery  mode="packed-hover" widths=250px heights=250px perrow=1>
|} <br />
== Saturday, June 10th ==
== Saturday, June 10th ==

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Extra-fee events LISA VIII

Tuesday, June 6th

Walking tour of the historical « Petite France » quarter– 17.30

(min 10 people)

Cost: 8€/person

The event includes :
A guided tour through the typical streets of the Petite France quarter, the most picturesque district of Strasbourg.

After the tour, people are invited to a Welcome cocktail at the Art Café (in the Museum of modern and contemporary art) - See the conference program.

Wednesday, June 7th

Panoramic Boat tour – 18.00

(min 10 people)

Cost: 12€/person

The event includes :
A 70-minute city tour of Strasbourg on the Ill river, including the Petite France and Tanners' quarters, the Covered Bridges and the Vauban dam, the Neustadt imperial quarter and the European institutions (covered and air-conditioned boats if bad weather).

After the tour, people are free to find a typical restaurant to taste Alsatian food.

Thursday, June 8th

Social dinner – 18.00

Included in the conference price.

Saturday, June 10th

Wonderful tour – 9.00

(min 30 people)

Cost: 55€/person

The event includes :

Cost includes : transportation, tour guides, entrance ticket and lunch.